Saturday 10 October 2009

Dannii Minogue's X Factor Shame

Don’t Call Me Dave admits to being an X Factor fan. The mock rivalry between the judges trying to outdo each other has become legendary.

But in tonight’s first live final, Dannii Minogue crossed the line between constructive criticism and homophobia when she made a rather unpleasant comment to Danyl Johnson who had performed “And I Am Telling You” - a song made famous by Jennifer Hudson.

The song was written for a female performer but for some inexplicable reason, Mzzz Minogue suggested that Danyl didn’t need to change the gender references in the lyrics.

Danyl is clearly shocked by her remarks and can be seen mouthing “I’m not ashamed”.

He has no need to be. Dannii Minogue, on the other hand, does.


supavits said...

Agreed, it is supposed to be about the music and Danii's attempted character assassination of Danyl (along with Louis and Cheryl's) will backfire and Danyl will gain a lot more supporters as a result. Louis descibing Danyl as cocky, I mean What the Hell??? He's the geezer who put those two annoying adolescents from Ireland through

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of propaganda bullshit!!!

Danni was joking, when Danyl was saying "I'm not ashamed" this was in response to people booing, i.e it's not a big deal, it's true.

Apparently Him and Danni were joking about it in rehearsal. Also Danni spoke to Danyl after the show and he said he wasn't offended. Danni was in no way being homophobic, that's just silly, she wasn't even trying to put him down, it was just a very bad joke. Leave this lovley woman alone, I fear for her because I know she's gonna get a lot of backlash for this, but I don't think she deserves it.