Sunday 15 February 2009

Who's the Daddy?

This story has been updated. See below.

In just a few hours time, Barnet Council will be announcing the name of our new Chief Executive. Who is going to receive the batteries to the remote keys to Executive Suite?

These are the favourites:

Brian Reynolds

Currently Acting Chief Executive. Already has a 40” wide screen TV in his office, so should be able to adjust to a 46” screen with little difficulty. Had the largest expense account of any senior officer in 2007/08 so will not require extra training in racking up bills at the taxpayers expense.

Rog T
Has successfully run a business in the Borough for 30 years without investing any money in Iceland (apart from buying a Bj√∂rk album). Is prepared to work for only £100,000 a year, thereby increasing the budget available for councillor allowances children’s burial services. Has been known to say “sorry” when he makes a mistake, which may count against him.

Statler & Waldorf

They know everything there is to know about running a small municipal council, and were early favourites for the job, but now a bit of an outside bet after Waldorf turned up for the interview somewhat tired and emotional, clutching a bottle of cheap supermarket sherry, shouting
“that ████ █████ is a ███████ ██████████ who █████ it up ██ ██se.” Never mind chaps, I hear there is a vacancy on the Pic ‘N’ Mix counter at Woolies.

Mr Blobby
A figure of fun who wants to be taken seriously but has a tendency to insult anyone and everyone. Thinks he knows everything but has little experience of anything other than photo opportunities and free lunches.

A special prize to the first person to guess correctly (competition closes one minute before the council makes an official announcement).

Update Monday 10.00 am. The Council have announced that Assistant Chief Executive Nick Walkley has been appointed as the new Chief Executive. This is very good news. I think Mr Walkley will do a good job, although no doubt he will be getting paid too much! Commiserations to Mr Reynolds.

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Rog T said...

I should fess up I suppose. I invested a few quid in Iceland at Xmas. Got some frozen prawns and a leg of lamb. I suppose that was some frozen prawns and a leg of lamb more than Freer got for the Barnet Taxpayer !!!!