Wednesday 25 February 2009

High Court to rule on warden support

A High Court judge will decide next month whether a housing association was justified in its decision to end the services of a resident warden. The case has been brought by Joan Garbet, a sheltered housing resident in Eastbourne, against her landlord Circle 33.

The central issue to be decided is whether Circle 33 is a public body performing a public function.

Yvonne Hossack, the Solicitor acting for Mrs Garbet, said there were several arguments that could be used in a judicial review, including that the move could breach tenants’ ‘legitimate expectation’ when they moved in that the service would continue to be provided.

Barnet Council recently approved a proposal for a massive reduction of £950,000 in its projected expenditure of £1.3 million on support services for tenants of sheltered housing.

If the Court finds in favour of Mrs Garbet, this could have serious ramifications for all local authorities which are considering cutting back their own warden services.


monroe said...

I objected to this change. Barnet Council Sheltered Housing is being phased out. Somehow wandering staff will care for residents.
Same will apply in Housing associations where they receive financial support from the Council that support will be withdrawn.
I am already getting complaints from public and private sectors.
So much for a caring society!

manswell said...

This is a major mistake.

There are so many other ways the council could be saving money - why target vulnerable elderly people.

I have worked with the wardens, and it is the personal relationsjhip they build up which is their real value added.

Scrap the leader listens, freeze (or reduce) councillor allowances, stop junkets abroad, scrap barnet life or whatever tehir newest propaganda tool is called, scrap idiotic censored councillor blogs BEFORE putting the lives and wellbeing of elderly people at risk.

It's as if none of these tory b***ards has gradnparents.

Rog T said...

Sadly this policy will bite them when the storys of shameful neglect start appearing. It is cruel and heartless

Anonymous said...

rog t said that hopefully this policy will bite them. some chance, i have lived in west hendon for 40 years and one thing i have learnt is that barnet is full of greedy, selfish, rich tories who don't care about anyone but themselves

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Dear Anon

That is a somewhat harsh generalisation. Most Conservatives I have spoken to do not agree with the policy of cutting warden support. They all agree that the council could and should have cut other services to make the financial saving.

These cuts were not part of the 2006 manifesto and, in the old days, councillors would discuss policy ideas with party members first, but we are not considered important enough to have a say any more.

I support this council’s attempts to cut waste and bureaucracy, but not at the expense of a vital service which provides great comfort to so many people. Cllr Hillan has just been awarded a 17% rise in her allowances. Let’s hope she puts some of that away to provide for her future care requirements.

Anonymous said...

I've notices Cllr Hillan has her mother in a warden controlled care home she knew this was coming and moved her mother into an oversubscribed residence. I'm also informed that when she visit Barnet council she uses the disabled parking spot hmm nice person.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Cllr Hillan has stated publicly that her mother was independently assessed and that she was not involved in the decision to move her to a different home. If anyone has evidence to suggest that this is not the case, they should refer it to the Standards Committee, otherwise you must accept Cllr Hillan’s version of events whether you believe her or not.

As for your allegation about parking, again if you have proof you should report it. I thought councillors had their own parking area and would therefore have no need to use disabled bays.