Thursday 17 May 2012

Long to reign over us

Don’t Call Me Dave was driving home to his country estate this evening, listening to the wireless, when an announcer on Smooth FM gave details of a special event the station was organising on 3rd June “in order to celebrate the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee”.

Are you sure?

This is Her Majesty’s first Diamond Jubilee. Life expectancy is increasing year on year, but it is most unlikely that the Queen will reign for 3,600 years. Prince Charles would not be amused.

If the announcement had been made live, the presenter could have blamed the error as an inadvertent mistake. But this was a pre-recorded jingle. Yet more proof that the standerd of edukashon in this cuntry are falling.

Correction: As if to prove DCMD’s point about standards of education, the first draft of this post referred to a reign of 360 years instead of 3,600. Thanks to Quintus Slide for pointing out the error.

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Quintus Slide said...

Or indeed 3600 years...