Thursday 17 May 2012

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

On 4th April 2011, Don’t Call Me Dave announced the last post for Not The Barnet Times. He had retired on at least three previous occasions, but they all proved to be temporary abatements. This time, however, was different. DCMD explained that, for personal reasons, he was unable to continue writing the blog. He remained true to his word, with the honourable exception of a posting in October 2011 in tribute to his very good friend Neil Mosesson who had died aged just 52.

When DCMD started blogging in July 2008, he was one of just two active political bloggers in Barnet (Statler & Waldorf having taken up residence in the rest home for the bewildered). Today, the blogosphere in Barnet is well covered, although it has a rather unhealthy left-wing bias. DCMD does not much care for Socialism or wishy-washy Liberal-Conservatism and, in recent months, has found it increasingly difficult to remain silent on matters of local and national importance.  Indeed, Neil always encouraged DCMD to speak out and speak up whenever our lords and masters abused the system, broke the rules or committed acts of blatant hypocrisy.

In the grand scheme of things, of course, the world will continue revolving whether DCMD speaks out or not; the number of people who read his witterings are immeasurably fewer than the number who care not one iota what he thinks. None-the-less, 1,000 people a month continued to view this blog after it ‘ended’ in April 2011 and, last month, the hits increased to 2,500 with posts about former GLA member Brian Coleman being of particular appeal. DCMD is grateful for such loyalty and interest.

Accordingly, he has decided, on a trial basis only, to start posting again, albeit with a difference. Previously, DCMD would attend council meetings and read through interminably dull reports looking for evidence of misfeasance, malpractice and incompetence. He has neither the time nor inclination to do so again, especially as Barnet’s Famous Five Bloggers already perform this task far better than he ever did, or could hope to do in the future.

In short, DCMD intends merely to comment on the issues of the day which really piss him off. Readers are kindly asked to note that he has deactivated the blog's Tourette’s filter.


Mr Mustard said...

Very kind of you David.

Good to have you active again.

Mrs Angry said...

yes, welcome back, except it won't be for long, because you will overexcite yourself again, and then you will retire, and then you will get bored, and then you will start again, and then ... oh well ... suppose I'd better stick you back on the blogroll then ...

Statler and Waldorf said...

Waldorf and I are glad that DCMD has not deflocculated in his absence.

We look forward to NTBT regaining it's place as Barnet's pasquinade.