Friday 11 February 2011

Stand and Deliver!

Print this picture and put it in your car window today!


baarnett said...


Perhaps we could also put them in those street display stands, where the ruling regime put their own photographs a few months back.

ainelivia said...

Thank you for this, it's hilarous, perhaps when I have a few minutes I'll print off a few and put them on under windscreen wipers in my road. I'm sure it will give the locals a laugh in these depressing times.

ainelivia said...

PS your blog was recommended to me some time ago by Broadway Blogger, and I came via there today. Have added you to my Blog List and look forward to your musings and more hilarous portraits of "himself".

Don't Call Me Dave said...


Thanks for your comments and for the link from your blog. It’s always nice to have new readers.

Please send the poster to all your friends and help spread the message!

baarnett, I couldn't possibly condone your excellent idea!