Tuesday 15 February 2011

Blogging improves literacy

As regular readers know, former Barnet Council Leader and now MP for Finchley, Mike Freer, could barely disguise his contempt for bloggers whom he suggested masturbated whilst writing about him.

Reports in The Independent and the Sunday Times have shown that blogging has significantly improved literacy rates amongst children at one primary school in Bolton. Something which the barely literate Mike Freer might wish to reflect upon before coming out with any more garbage.

The full story can be found on the Verbum Sapienti blog.

Original picture borrowed from the Daily Mash


Rog T said...

Is that why none of our local Tory Councillors have managed to keep a blog going (okay, I know the Labour ones haven't either)?

Feck me, how hard is it? I mean I'm an illeterate dyslexic and I seem to manage.

Rog T said...

At my Roman Catholic school we were always told that if you masturbate, you go blind. Maybe if they'd shown us the cover of your magazine, it would have been more effective.

Amanda said...

I still cant find the actual word "masturbator" in what it was Mike said...

Don't Call Me Dave said...

So what did he mean when he said “I have a group of followers what I refer to as the one handed bloggers. I’ll leave it to your imagination what the other hand is doing”.

Anonymous said...

Amanda would probably argue that @mikefreer didn't mean vacuum cleaner if he used the term hoover, a PC meaning a computer or a TV being a television.

Unfortunately for Amanda, @mikefreer's smutty laugh / giggle gives the game away.

Maybe you could ask @mikefreer what he did mean if you think a whole bunch of people has him so wrong.