Monday 27 April 2015

Pizza Not So Express

Dear Pizza Express (Epping Branch)

Do you know why you are called Pizza Express? The clue is in your name. Do you think it acceptable to keep people waiting an hour to be served their pizzas?

Even in fine-dining restaurants, with their elaborate and often incomprehensible menus, they don’t keep customers waiting that long. Let’s be frank, the product you serve is not complicated to prepare – it is just fancy cheese on toast for which you charge nearly 9 quid. 

The service on 19th April 2015 was shocking. There can only be two reasons: either your staff don’t know what they are doing or your branch was seriously under-manned. If the problem was the former, then invest in better training methods. If the latter, hire enough staff to cope.

If you can’t or won’t employ enough staff, then reduce the number of covers per sitting or tell customers when they arrive that there is a long delay to be served. The customer can then decide whether to stay or leave.

Perhaps you have forgotten that other pizza restaurants are available. You are in the service industry and you need to start improving your service. The public has a choice and we can vote with our feet. Perhaps that will be the only way to stop you treating paying customers with such complete and utter contempt.

Yours not so sincerely

Don’t Call Me Dave


baarnett said...

Not quite the "bite" of the 'Not the Barnet Times' days, old boy.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

We all mellow in our old age. You'll find out yourself one day!