Thursday 19 March 2009

Who's The Daddy?

Are we witnessing a power struggle at Barnet Council? Just over a week ago, Council Leader Mike Freer issued a public statement acknowledging that the public had not been told the truth about the £27.4 million invested in Iceland. Mr Freer said he had been misled by officers and promised an external investigation.

Today, new Chief Executive Nick Walkley told the Barnet Press that he was launching an internal investigation.

Well, which is it to be?

Are we to have a fully independent external investigation that will examine in detail every document and interview every person who was involved in devising and implementing the council’s treasury management strategy, that will leave no stone unturned so that we can get to the truth? Or are we going to have an internal review under the auspices of the officer who was Executive Director for Resources at the time the money was deposited?

For the sake of Barnet’s taxpayers, let us hope that that Mr Walkley does not get his way.

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