Wednesday 17 September 2008

Cameron Fails To Back Freer

You may recall, dear Readers, my blog posted on 24th August entitled “Freer Gets Tough On Toffs” which discussed council leader Mike Freer’s ill conceived and petulant outburst against Barnet residents whom he described as armchair critics “cosseted by family money.”

One of Tony Blair’s few decent achievements as Labour Leader was to end the politics of envy. Indeed, Blair seemed to idolise those with a few bob in the bank. Given that the Conservative Party Leader and his wife are both reported to be in line for a modest inheritance (but not for a long time, we hope) I wrote to David Cameron to ask him if he supported Cllr Freer’s comments.

In a somewhat terse response, a spokesman for Mr Cameron replied: "I cannot comment on the personal views of Cllr Freer on this case."

Why would Mr Cameron fail to support the views of a Conservative candidate in one of the party’s top target seats? The answer comes from his spokesman who, without any prompting from me, continued:

“However what may be worth considering is that George Osborne has announced a policy on Inheritance tax promising to ensure that only millionaires fall under the taxation, and ensuring also that people can pass on their hard earned property to their children.”

So there we have it.

Cllr Freer can try and spin his way out of this, but it is clear that his views are completely out of step with David Cameron, George Osborne and the entire Conservative Party.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like 'our Mike' has joined the celebrated Hall of Serial Gaffers to be given the ultimate slapdown.

First there was John is John (Prescott);
then we had Boris is Boris (Johnson);
followed closed with Brian is Brian (Coleman)
now we have Mike is Mike (Freer)..