Friday 12 August 2011

Crime and Punishment

If you steal a case of water worth £3.50, you go to prison for six months. But if you steal £680 from taxpayers to have your wisteria removed, you become Prime Minister.

What’s that you say Sooty? Mr Cameron repaid the money? Oh well that’s alright then. Taking something that belongs to someone else is OK as long as you give it back to them when you are caught.

How silly to think that the law makers should be subject to the same rules as the hoi polloi.


Mrs Angry said...

well, you know, as Dave said about Coulson, we really have to give people a second chance, don't we? Unless they are poor people, of course.

baarnett said...

Perhpas a link to this on
would be useful, DCMD.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

baarnett, there is a link at the top right hand side of that blog (underneath the banner)

baarnett said...

Sorry- didn't see at first.

Crime and Punishment: Scanning the blogs, I see there are now over 4000 comments on a Peter Oborne article in the Telegraph:

I remember seeing a picture of a Bang & Olufsen shop done over during the week, so I was drawn towards Oborne's comment: "Yesterday, the veteran Labour MP Gerald Kaufman asked the Prime Minister to consider how these rioters can be 'reclaimed' by society. Yes, this is indeed the same Gerald Kaufman who submitted a claim for three months’ expenses totalling £14,301.60, which included £8,865 for a Bang & Olufsen television."

It's not the most important point in the article, but it shows the hypocrisy.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Don’t forget the hypocrisy of Hazel Blears.

The riots presented a good opportunity for MPs to divert attention from the phone hacking scandal, which has exposed the far too cosy relationship between party leaders and the media.