Wednesday 15 October 2008

Rog T Is Back!

As many of you know, the Barnet Times pulled Rog T’s blog from their web site in response to his article criticising the council’s posting of an offensive video clip on YouTube.

Unfortunately, under the stewardship of its Editor Phil Crowther, the paper is developing a reputation for removing articles that could cause embarrassment to some. Far safer to stick with stories about cats stuck up trees.

But fear not! Much as the political classes would like those who have the audacity to hold a contrary viewpoint to simply shut up and go away, Rog has launched his own blog - The Barnet Eye - which will be subject only to his own editorial constraints.

Visit his new blog at


Anonymous said...

Just seen Rog T's latest blog and to be frank he hasn't got a clue how a council operates or deposits cash on a rolling basis. How does he think the Library programme was paid for? The new pavements? What a tosser......he is clearly just bitter cos he can't get credit of his own.....

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I am reluctant to censor messages on this blog but would prefer if, in future, people would please avoid bad language.

Rog T said...

Dear Anon,

I think the library program was paid for with taxpayers cash, either now or in the future. How do you think it was paid for?

As to the moneybox program you mention, if you'd actually read the article you'd see that the account in question was Fender Guitars in 2002. If you'd bothered to check your facts you'd know Fender reversed their decision following the article and we've had a shop full ever since.

Call me what you like. I'm a punk rocker and I don't care. Just try and get your facts straight. If you visit us the guitars are all hanging on the wall.

Do you think that BBC moneybox would have run the story if they'd thought I was wrong?

So tell us about all of your successful business ventures if you are so marvellous my friend.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

This really does show how desperate some people have become, that they resort to digging up a story from 6 years ago to try and discredit Rog T. Clearly they didn’t bother to read the whole article, but they probably don’t have the attention span required for more than two paragraphs.

The simple truth is that if Rog had messed up in business, it would have been his money and his alone at risk. When the councillors get it wrong, it is our money they lose and they don’t even have the courtesy to apologise.

Anonymous said...

If they are going to question peoples business abilities, why not start with Lynne Hillan? Or doesn't it count when a councillor goes bust leaving a string of creditors behind?

Rog T said...


It is clear that the 1st Mr(s) anonymous posting here is close to the heart of the council leadership, judging by the comment regarding funding for the Library program. Given that the bedrock of Tory support is small businessmen, I'd have thought that they would have sympathy for a small businessman having problems with a huge, faceless conglomorate that has screwed up. As to the insult, I'm not the one who lost £27.5 Million of taxpayers cash last week.

From comments posted recently, the Barnet Council Tories despise people from wealthy families and they despise small businessmen who suffer from the mistakes of large corporations. Is there any part of their core vote they actually like?

It seems that many people who are FoF's (friends of Freer) attend the same remedial English school. All rather sad and pathetic really.